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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week 2 - He Makes All Things Good

Greetings from SoCal!

This week has been CRAZY: trying to get the car scam stuff organized, trying to find a lawyer, talking to a million people, etc. It looks like we will be moving forward with a lawsuit (YUCK), but God was good to bless us with an attorney that was willing to take our case for a minimal fee. Please pray that we go about this the right way and everything is done for the Glory of God, and not because we are mad that we have been wronged.

On to more FUN things: Sami started delivering babies this week! I have some pics of her setting off to work. Go Sami. She likes the facility, her job, and the people she has worked with. Praise God!

Sunday we went to "Kaleo" community church. They meet in the AMC theater! It was a pretty sweet service, around 100 people, very quaint and personal. The speaker was extremely intelligent, spoke on remembering God is our Father. This church seems to be very outreach oriented. I am planning on joining them fridays, hanging out homeless kids after school downtown. (monarchschools.org)

I spent one afternoon exploring one of the harbors downtown. There is a National Monument Park on the tip of san diego that overlooks the ocean and city. It's BEAUTIFUL! Next week I plan to return at low tide, because apparently there are thousands of little sea creatures that get stuck in the tide pools!


1) We are moving in with my mom in encinitas (20 miles north of SD) on SATURDAY. WOOHOO for moving again! We are going to save a little money and live on the beach at the same time!

2) I AM COMING HOME! Friday Sept 28th I am flying home to get Sami's old truck so she can drive to work. BitterSweet I know, but at least God gave us a way. : )

That's all for now. We love you all. Thanks for joining with us here in prayer and spirit.

Jon and Sami


Anonymous Laynie said...

That really stinks about the car, but sounds like yall are having a blast otherwise. Sept 28 is Berkner's HC game and we play Wylie, you should come if you can!!

I am planning on come to visit yall at thanksgiving...my dad is on board to buy the ticket, I'm just waiting to see whether or not Michal Anne will be joining me!

Miss yall so much!
Give Sami a huge hug for me
much love, Laynie

September 20, 2007 at 5:46 PM


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