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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week 8 - Lilley Invasion!

Hey Friends!

This week my family (Dad, Linda, Amber, Steve, Brittany, Melissa, Brian, and Vianca) came in town to see my brother David graduate from Marine Boot Camp! Congratulations brother, we are really proud of you.

Everyone came in Wednesday and we met up at a little mexican restaurant on the ocean. After dinner we ran across the street to the beach to take a few pics before sundown. It was a little sad that the sun decided to hide out pretty much the whole weekend.

Thursday was David's day to show us around the Marine Recruiting depot. The depot was amazingly self-sufficient, with a gas station, church, shopping area, home furnishing store, and restaurants and everything lse you might see on civilian streets.

Friday was David's official graduation, with a full Marine graduation parade. Side note: New marines are incredible marchers. After graduating, David was ready to get off the base and into a steakhouse.

That night we went to La Jolla Cove and saw a family of seals chillin on the rocks, then we fiddled around in some tide pools. We then headed to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for a beachside bonfire. Very good times with the fam. In fact we got our first photo of the whole family together!

Saturday we all met up at Dog Beach for the only sunshine of the weekend. We took our last bit of photos, then my dad and crew headed off to the airport. Britanny, Brian, and Vianca stayed behind for one more night and we took advantage of the time to go surfing down at Grandview Beach. Brittany was a great first-timer, and Vianca was brave enough to try out surfing a couple times. (the water was pretty darn cold too!)

Brittany took off early the next morning. One more great breakfast with my brother and Vianca, and they were off back to El Paso. It was an excellent time with all my family. What a blessing to see everyone while Sami and I are on our little adventure.

We miss you all very much. Todays definitely a "withdrawal" from our friends back home. Please let us know how you are doing!

   Jon and Sami

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