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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weeks 16-18 Home for the Holidays

We made it back to Dallas!  OK ,well, the chevy truck made it to Abilene and then died.  But hey, it was a monumental milestone for both the truck and the explorer, both traversing some of this country's harshest climates to take us there and back again!

It's Christmas Time and we are home with our friends!  So Much fun.  The Christmas eve service at church, the holiday parties, the laughter and presents and sweaters and fires and trimmings and trees.  We are so very blessed.  I miss the ocean a bit, and my friends in SoCal as well.

The week before we headed to Austin, we jumped in the vans with the youth group and headed to Winter Park Colorado!  Snowboarding galore, and great times with our youth friends we hadn't seen in months.  We squeezed every bit of fun out of this years winter break.  Man, I'm getting tired just writing about it.

Ok, a new year and a new place....Austin or BUST!

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