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Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 5 - Pure San Diego

Greetings from SoCal!

What a fun week. Let's just jump right in:

Last Friday we went with my mom and her freind Barbara to see T.J. play in the band "Jukebox" at Oktoberfest in La Mesa. It was a sweet german festival with brats, laughs, dancing, music, polka, and funnel cakes! A great way to celebrate the weekend.

Sunday was our second week at The Fields Church. It was another affirmation that there are fellow believers here that understand us and are willing to encourage us.

We spent sunday night out on the beach with a bonfire, dogs, and smores! T.J. and I pulled out our guitars for some music while we watched an incredible sunset.

Tuesday night we went to a community group at the house of one of the pastors of the Fields. It was so refreshing to be with so many other Christians, to eat and pray together.

The last couple days Sami was off from work, so we sported our wetsuits and took to the surf with a couple boards! The waves destroyed us, but we did get some surfing in. Three words: Surfing is hard. But Sami was tough enough to withstand a nasty Stingray sting and keep on surfing.

Okay, that's it! I'm heading to San Fran to hang with Scott Branch for the weekend. Go Cal! Go Cowboys! Go Ags!

We love you all.

Sami and Jon

Bonus Video:


Blogger Kaitlyn said...

Woohoo! Sami is such an AWESOME surfer! I miss you guys SOOO much!!!

October 14, 2007 at 2:50 PM


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